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Heritage Adoption Services is a non-profit adoption agency licensed in Washington and Oregon providing professional adoption services for the past 13 years. We respectably provide experienced, skilled and caring services for international and U.S. adoptions. We serve families from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon, with offices in Vancouver and Spokane, Washington. Our Pacific Northwest Program is known world wide for totally personalized open placement and open adoption services. Our unique approach stresses counseling and mediation, serving adopting parents, birth parents and the child equally. Many families come to us after struggling with infertility for years. We pledge ourselves to provide sensitive, insightful adoption services. Heritage’s Guatemala program continues to be strong. This program places infants for adoption by the choice of their birth mothers. The babies receive excellent care by foster families during the course of the adoption process. China program adoptions are whirling. The wait time from dossier arrival in China to the referral of a child is about six months now. For most families, this shorter wait time allows them to anticipate the arrival of their daughter about one year from the time they submit their adoption application. Travel to China is still a requirement; however, Heritage families are always well cared for by Kathy Wang, our employee in China who assists traveling adoptive families while in China. Our Waiting Child China adoption program places older children or children with special medical needs. Some of these children only need minor surgery to be able to live a long and healthy life. We urge you to review this program’s information if the possibility of parenting a child with correctable medical needs, a physical deformity or an older child is in your heart. Our Kazakhstan program is working within an intriguing Eurasian country. They have no quotas for single parent families, and adoption is open to married couples as well. The adoption process can move quickly – children can come home as young as nine months old, though there are many toddlers available as well. We hope you will visit the Kazakhstan webpage for more information. We welcome your questions and are just a “click” or call away. We have built our lives around caring about you and your adoption journey. We look forward to helping you find the child in your heart.

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Deborah Aronson
Founder and Heritage Executive Director MSW


Join us for theHeritage of LoveBenefit Concert and AuctionFeb. 19, 2005

Our Kazakhstan liaison is asking for more families to meet the need, contact Kim for more info

Kazakhstan ProgramSwift International ProgramOften as short as six months from dossier submission to completion.For more information contact Kim – Find out more here

Pacific Northwest and Diversity Program Parent Training in Portland, Oregon February 4 & 5, and May 13 & 14, 2005If you are interested in attending, please speak to Deborah or Sue and download the registration form

Information Sessions
If you would like to get more information in a personalized setting, we will be having informal informational meetings at our office February 5th, March 5th and April 2nd 2005

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