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Please download an application or request an application by calling or e-mailing Vicki. Once your completed application has been approved, we’ll be happy to get you started on the path to adopt your little child from China.

Our program in China began in 1992. Heritage was one of the first of five U.S. adoption agencies to receive permission from the Chinese government to place children with American families. Since then we have had the pleasure of placing well over 350 children.

The children range in age from 8 months to 6 years. They reside in the many orphanages that are located throughout southeastern China. This program places mainly girls; boys are a long wait, although they can be available in the Waiting Child China program.

We work with small, manageable groups which enables us to provide highly individualized attention to the needs and concerns of each family. Our agent in China, Kathy Wang, is bilingual and is adored by our traveling families. Her coordination of the actual adoption experience in China is praised by all. Our families benefit greatly from her excellent rapport with the officials in the China Center of Adoption Affairs, as well as with the officials in the provinces where the children are located.

Listed below are answers to the most frequently asked

 questions concerning our adoption program in China.

1. How much time does it take? Approximately 12-16 months from time of application. (Please keep in mind there are variables over which Heritage has no control that may affect the time frame, such as how long it takes to have a home study done and adoption protocol in China.)

2. What are the ages of the children available for adoption? From six months and older. Most of the children are girls and are designated as legal orphans, living in orphanages or foster homes.

3. What is the health of these children? Generally speaking, good. It’s been our experience that almost all children that have been referred are in good health. We receive current health and developmental reports for each child referred.  The Medical Report includes Hepatitis and an HIV test result.

4. Who qualifies to adopt from China? In general, persons with a favorable home study, married or single, 30 – 50 years. Single men must be over 40 years. No more than 4 children in a family.

5. Is travel involved? Yes.At least one parent must travel to China for approximately 10 – 14 days to claim their child and be processed through the adoption with the provincial government and to obtain a U. S. visa to bring the child into the U. S..

6. Can you request a specific age child? Yes. The Chinese government will ultimately determine the age child they will refer to you. We have seen a number of children referred between the ages of 6 and 15 months. You may request a young infant, but please be prepared to be flexible.

7. What will you know about the child before going to China? You will receive several photos (one passport sized), one developmental and one health report on your child. You will know where she is located and what the government fees and donations are expected of you when you arrive in China. Referrals are usually coming from Southeast China. 8. What is the cost of this program?For a complete fee schedule and explanation, contact Heritage Adoption Services, [email protected]

9. Do we go alone or in a group to China? In a small group. Heritage will help to coordinate your travel plans. Our full time, bilingual employee in China will escort you while you are in China. All arrangements for in-country hotels, travel and sightseeing are completed by Heritage.

10. What does Heritage do for us? We perform the following services:

11. Is it possible to talk with families who adopted their children from China through Heritage? Yes. We’re happy to supply names and phone numbers of Heritage families who’ve volunteered to talk about their experience in adoption from China with seriously interested persons.

2. We want more information. What do we do? E-mail Vicki at [email protected] or call her at (503) 233-1099.  If you are a local family, we always welcome you to make an appointment to come in and talk.

13. We are interested, how do we start? Please download an International application or request an application by calling or e-mailing [email protected]. Once your completed application has been approved, we’ll be happy to get you started on the path to adopt your daughter from China. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!